Francois LeClair professional photographer based in Montreal

2401 Mont-Royal avenue East
Montreal Qc Canada H2H 1L2
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François LeClair specializes in corporate, industrial and architectural photography as well as portraits. He studied photography at the Maine Photographic Workshops in Rockport, ME (USA) and at the Dawson Institute of Photography in Montréal, QC (Canada). He began his career as a photographer at the McCord Museum and as an assistant photographer. He then launched his own company as a professional photographer.

After sharing multiple workspaces with various photographers, François LeClair bought his own studio in 2003. Located on Mont-Royal Avenue in the heart of the Plateau, Montréal’s trendiest neighbourhood, the well-appointed studio is a perfect reflection of his professional standards. This is the welcoming environment in which he hosts his clients. According to the demands of the various requests, François hires different collaborators, such as assistant photographers, make-up artists, stylists, coordinators or retouchers. Depending on the projects, François does not hesitate to go directly to his clients’ offices or make workplace visits.

With over 30 years of experience, François LeClair has worked for small and big businesses (Bell Canada, Bombardier, Pomerleau, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, Vidéotron, Ritz-Carlton Montréal).

Throughout the years, he has been asked to photograph a great variety of subjects and domains, including jewellery, shoes, watches, doors and windows, bathtubs, artificial insemination units, pharmaceutical laboratories, hotel rooms, car dealerships, etc. In recent years though, he has developed a special interest in architectural photography and portraiture. In fact, he has been doing more portraits of business people and unknown subjects than celebrities or models. People who are intimidated by the camera appreciate his soft touch and calm demeanour. Often, after their experience, they realize that they had no reason to worry and that the results reveal wonderful surprises.


François LeClair is passionate about architectural photography. He loves to photograph places and buildings to highlight their aesthetics. He sees architectural photography as a discipline that requires one to constantly surpass oneself. One must master perspectives, work on composition, taking into account lines, materials and volume as well as the delicate balance between light and shadow. All photographic techniques must work to enhance the building or location. This is why François sees himself more as an artisan than an artist, putting his efforts at the service of his clients. As architects, designers or builders, they use and appreciate his photographs because they complement their work and make it more attractive.

In 2011, François LeClair was tasked with photographing the construction of a building downtown Montreal on a weekly basis. The first step, the demolition of existing buildings, was the most interesting from a photographic point of view. François took his time to photograph old industrial spaces, offices and small businesses to pay them one final tribute (see the Abandoned Architecture section). He was then able to follow and demystify the long construction process of the building.

In 2013, François LeClair photographed all of the car dealerships that were part of Groupe Gabriel, in order to highlight the vast range of available brands and the layout of the various branches. More recently, he was asked to create a promotional campaign for Groupe Lacasse. The objective was to photograph a Lacasse chair by showcasing it in different public locations all over the city of Montréal.

For samples of the most recents assignments, visit the recent assignment section.

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