Architecture Photography

Francois LeClair specializes in architecture photography. Because he likes it. Over the years and due to increasing demands from his clients, he developed a taste for this particular field. He likes to explore new spaces. Walk around, look at them from different perspectives, different angles, different points of view, looking upwards, downwards, trough different lenses, at different distances. After a trial and error and elimination process, he finds the best way to feature a place. For him, every new image is a challenge. Every new assignment is a unique occasion to improve his abilities and his trade. Just like a musician rehearses a piece, like an actor learning his lines or an athlete repeating the same motion over and over. He sees himself more like a craftsman than an artist, more concerned by his client's needs than his own portfolio.

He feels a genuine pride and real pleasure looking at the images he creates, but even more so when it come to places he has visited and sees in two dimensions on his computer screen.

Architecture Gallery

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Work spaces

Architects, interior designers, real estate developers or any suppliers in the construction business need to have their projects photographed. They need to display their work in different medias and platforms. Photos can also be used to enter contests or as presentations to potential clients. Many clients have very specific need and join the photographer and his team for the photo shoots. Francois then uses a laptop computer that helps the client evaluate what the final image will look like. Working as a team they will be able to show a place at it's best. This section features samples of working spaces.

Work spaces gallery

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Le Groupe Marchand Architecture Design

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Vintage year 2019

Except for the Old Montreal buildings all these architecture photography assignments were done in 2019.

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Commercial spaces

Designing commercial spaces is an important part of architects and designer's work. They have to be practical, efficient and attractive for the public. Working in these environments can sometimes be quite complicated. That's why the photographer chooses to travel light and might trade the laptop computer for an iPad. This willl allow him to see and show the client, the images as they are created without the inconvenience of having a cable attached to the camera. This section features different commercial spaces.

Commercial spaces gallery

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Back to school

Leclerc associés architectes hired Francois LeClair to photograph it's latest project in the educational field.

Back to school gallery

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It is through photos that hotels can most often showcase their facilities. These images must instantly convey the quality of hospitality, comfort and service provided by an establishment. From a across the globe, visitors want to see what the rooms, swimming pools, halls and restaurants look like, how big and luxurious and comfortable they are. Staff working in the communications department usually join the photographer to guide him trough the photography sessions. Again the use of a laptop computer or iPad helps the client participate in the creation of the images.


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Here are some exterior photos of different buildings. Exterior photography depends entirely on the weather, but a lot more factors can become important obstacles. Electric lines, parked cars, untidy neighbourhoods, messy landscaping to name just a few, are all items that can be removed in post production but in some cases not. Shooting at sun set can help mask some of these problems and that's why choosing the perfect period of the day is crucial.

Exteriors gallery

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Set of stairs and the rooms leading off it in a large building, especially a school or college.

Here are some I encountered while photographing schools

Staircases gallery

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