Vintage 2019

Here are architecture photography assignments that were all made in 2019, except for the Old Montreal real estate portfolio that was completed as the cold winter was slowly but ferociously creeping in.

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Corporate portraits

These portraits were made in the A2design Old Montreal offices.

See the entire assignment 

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This video was made from all the images created to photograph 2 bottles of wine, one red the other white. Good one, bad ones, rejected ones, all the shoots that were necessary to end up with two final images were included in this video. Then I included photos of the actual studio set up, and all the layers that were put together into the final photo.

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Miscellaneous assignments

Here are a few of the latest assignments for different clients, such as:  A2DESIGNLes entreprises Victor et François Inc.  et Leclerc associés architectes

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Back to school

Leclerc associés architectes hired Francois LeClair to photograph their latest projects in the education . If the new government held it's latest election promises, Quebec could have some the most beautiful schools in the world. 

Back to school gallery

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New working spaces

Here are a few of the recents assignments Francois LeClair did for A2DESIGN.

Working spaces gallery

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Luxury Penthouse

Francois LeClair photographed this luxury penthouse when it was put up for sale..

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Mercedes-Benz Rive-Sud

I did a series of photograph for Mercedes-Benz Rive-Sud dealership. The owner, who happens to have the same name as myself, Francois Leclair, is a real design and architecture enthusiast. He supervised its construction from the very early stages all the way to the ultimate details of its completion. Nothing was left to chance, as the end results show. This constant quest for excellence is naturally in tune with the famous Mercedes-Benz brand. On top of  the spectacular showroom, we photographed the offices, conference rooms and service facilities. It was a pleasure and an inspiration to work with such a  passionate and perfectionist person.

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Ritz-Carlton Hotel

The world renowned Ritz-Carlton Montreal Hotel asked Francois LeClair to do a number a new photographs of its facilities. Here are some of the photographs of rooms, restaurants, halls and gardens. This is a typical photo session where the client wants to be part of the creative process. The camera being linked to a laptop computer it makes it easy for him to comment and direct the image making. There are no surprises but good one when the photos are handed over after the retouching process. 

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Omni Mont-Royal Hotel

The general manager of the Omni Mont-Royal Hotel wanted to emphasize the location of his business in the ounce called Golden Square Mile. The area, which is close to McGill University and downtown Montreal is always busy with students, workers and tourists.

Since there was not much room to back up to photograph the two main buildings entirely, Francois LeClair had to rely on his experience as an architecture photographer and Photoshop technician. He made several different frames of the building from top to bottom then a number of shoots to capture the action of pedestrians and vehicles.

Making of this photo

Here again the photographer had to overlap a number of different frames to convey the impression that the main entrance was always extremely busy.

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OTL Gouverneur

The lobby of the OTL Gouverneur in Sherbrooke is probably the most spectacular part of that recently opened hotel. 

Gallery of that photo shoot

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Leclerc Associés Architectes

Leclerc Associés Architecte hired François LeClair to photograph it's latest projects: extensions of three elementary schools. Interior and exterior photos were made as you can see in this gallery.

Leclerc Associés Gallery

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Coop de l'Ouest

When Coop de l'Ouest decided to create a new web site, they hired François LeClair to do the photography. The taxi company wanted to feature some of it's services often unknown to the public. City tours are a good way for tourists to discover the main attractions Montreal has to offer. Old Montreal is a obviously one of the most popular site people want to discover.

The company also offers transportation to schools, airports and hospitals as well as roadside assistance.

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La caisse de dépôt et de placement du Québec

La caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec hired Francois LeClair to do this environmental portrait. The subjects are two of it's partners that will implement  electrical charge ports in a number of gas stations. The composition of the photograph had to show the charge ports, the gas station and the partners. Since the scene being backlight, and kept changing, strong strobe lights had to be used.

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These photos were done as part of an advertising campaign for the borrows of Rivières-des-Prairies Pointe-aux-Trembles. The client wanted to promote the quality of life it can provide for families and businesses.

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Mentel hired Francois LeClair to photograph it's daily life: it's offices, owners and staff both at work and relaxing. Their space in downtown Montreal is huge, bright and coloured. The open areas help people communicate and share easily. As the resulting images show, the working environment is very stimulating.

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Club Piscine

Just like every other summers, Club Piscine hired Francois to photograph the next season's patio sets. Location scouters did a tremendous job at finding great outdoor locations to photograph some 60 different sets. Again the stylists team managed to dress up each and every different sets with an impressive number of  beautyful props. Under a blazing sun, the essentials were: patience, water bottles and sunscreen!

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Here are the latest photos of the Evolo real estate project in Nun's Island , Montreal. On top of showing the individual features of each unit, the client wanted to showcase the unique view on the Saint-Lawrence river, the bridges, downtown Montreal and the many surrounding parks around the complex.

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Place Bonaventure

Here are photos of the Place Bonaventure  exhibition hall. It is a very well known place for Montrealers as it has hosted many important meetings and shows over the years. Yet very few people have seen it empty. The space is huge and spectacular, It appears as a king of urban cathedral!

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