When Coop de l'Ouest decided to create a new web site, they hired François LeClair to do the photography. The taxi company wanted to feature some of it's services often unknown to the public. City tours are a good way for tourists to discover the main attractions Montreal has to offer. Old Montreal is a obviously one of the most popular site people want to discover.

The company also offers transportation to schools, airports and hospitals as well as roadside assistance.

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Triosyn asked François LeClair to photograph the operations of its Mirabel laboratory. Certain pictures required elaborate set ups but others were more naturally suited to documentary-style photography.


When Groupe Gabriel updated the Web sites of its many car dealerships, the company hired photographer François LeClair to produce a number of architectural photographs of its establishments, showcasing them both from inside and outside.


From his very first meeting with Geneviève Pellerin and her team at Groupe Lacasse, François LeClair was able to easily outline the campaign for the Orsay chair. Clients wished to present it in various unusual settings all around Montréal. After much research and thinking, Geneviève Pellerin and François LeClair agreed to place one or a group of Orsay chairs on a stage. Montréal’s Monument-National theatre was the obvious choice, as it afforded a number of creative possibilities. As well as the main picture of the chair on the stage, the backstage area also appears on one of the postcards created for the advertising campaign.

Here are the images produced as part of this campaign.


Montreal-based real estate company Kevric hired François LeClair to document the construction of the Altoria building in downtown Montréal, from the demolition of the existing buildings to the completion of the work.

A building’s demolition according to LEED principles requires the virtual deconstruction of the old building by separating the various materials (glass, wood, mineral wool and gypsum) in order to dispatch them to the appropriate recovery sites. This step was probably the most interesting one, from a visual point of view, for the photographer.

The excavation phase — though it may not have been the most photogenic one — was certainly very rewarding from an educational point of view.

The phases that followed inspired a selection of worthy photographs and the work of the various artisans elicited the admiration of the photographer, a neophyte in this domain.


BCP Agency hired François LeClair to produce a series of photographs of children making faces at the camera for a fund-raising campaign.


At the turn of the millennium, Canada Post Corporation hired François LeClair to create a photo to appear on one of the three stamps commemorating the theme of peace. Working from his studio, François chose to photograph a young boy holding a dove in his hands as well as a number of doves in flight. The other stamps in the series reproduced an engraving and a hologram. François also produced a series of pictures for a stamp honouring the Shriners.


François LeClair covered the dismantling of the Norsk Hydro plant in Bécancour for the company EDS Decommissioning Canada. The professional photographer first flew over the site in a helicopter, then documented all the steps of the process, all the way to the ultimate, spectacular implosion


Here are various corporate photography projects.

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